Kathy Zant

Digital Strategist / SEO Expert

Kathy Zant

Digital Strategist / SEO Expert

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Kathy Zant

Hi, I'm Kathy Zant!

Digital Strategist / Developer

Kathy is a highly seasoned digital executive and marketing strategist. An expert communicator, project manager and marketer, she has been in digital marketing for 20 years working with Fortune 100 companies as well as small businesses.


Full Name

Kathryn Zant


A Child of the 70s .:. Chicago, Illinois



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Bradley University - 1987 - 1989

Majored in Speech Communication. I enjoyed quite a few classes, including communication law, however, I found my greater education came through extracurricular activities including the national championship speech team, student government, news editor at the student newspaper, and news intern at a local radio station.

Relevant Experience

Maximum Clarity Media LLC/Hypnotic I Media LLC

President - June 2007 - Current

Maximum Clarity Media creates digital products that improve our customers' lives, uncover human potential through hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and mindset management. Promoting educational and hypnosis programs, Maximum Clarity Media aided clients in their personal development giving them a new perspective and sense of fulfillment in life.

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

  • Built the internal SEO capabilities of the company from scratch
  • Wrote all copy for product sales pages to ensure high search visibility as well as persuasive sales copy
  • Continually managed and improved all aspects of digital marketing and communications
  • Planned and implemented powerful link building strategies to increase link popularity and gain visibility on major search engines
  • Developed and initiated traffic generation strategies and partnerships to increase visibility of product sites
  • Spearheaded paid traffic initiatives (Facebook, Google, Twitter)
  • Identified growth opportunities in site infrastructure, keyword selection, and on-page factors optimization
  • Monitored performance metrics to understand organic search performance across a variety of subjects and domains
  • Increased sales through funnel optimization initiatives
  • Improved the online reach of the company by employing multiple language options to the website
  • Instituted customer retention initiatives to build long-term relationships with clients
  • Successfully dominated the search engine results page on relevant and predetermined key words.

Zant Development Group, Inc.

President - November 1998 - June 2007

Zant Development Group created web-based applications, marketing web sites, and digital marketing solutions. Clients included large corporations in various fields including mortgage, banking, manufacturing, real estate, investment and trading, a defense contractor, as well as community supported agriculture.

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

  • Developed web applications based on client requirements
  • Planned and built SEO capabilities of clients
  • Developed and implemented Social Media strategies for various clients
  • Provided guidance and insight on tools, metrics and best practices in improving client search ranks
  • Aided clients in recovering from Google penguin penalties due to black hat SEO practices
  • Instituted and championed best practices on researching links, determining bad vs good links, and creating prudent documentation procedures


  • Hypnotic I Media – Dominated search engines on desired keywords for HypnoticIMedia thus making the website reach out to new clients and customers.
  • Office Works Illinois Implemented SEO initiatives that increased the annual revenue of the company from $200k/yr to $200M/yr.
  • Prism Mortgage Development of mortgage calculators, mortgage applications and amortization calculators.
  • Pullman Bank Created a Contact Management System using ASP and SQL that enabled users to easily find and store contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • King's Hill Farm Created a customized ordering and reporting system.
  • Henry Pratt Created a web based management system to allow for the management of 3 different companies with different brands under the same management system.

Giant Step/Leo Burnett Company

Project Manager - June 1997 - November 1998

Giant Step was formerly the interactive arm of Leo Burnett, one of the world's largest agency networks with 96 offices in 84 countries and more than 8,500 employees worldwide.

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

  • Acted as the main point of contact between Giant Step and clients
  • Established project scope and developed proposals by studying strategic business drivers; discovering and validating business and technical requirements and parameters
  • Formulated objectives, planning project life-cycle deliverables and resource availability
  • Monitored project progress; tracked action items; conducted design and implementation reviews; resolved application issues


  • United Airlines Spearheaded two (2) development projects for United Airlines Cargo; leading a team of programmers, designers and network personnel
  • General Motors & Delta Dental Provided web development consulting services

Unitrin Data Systems

Internet Developer - Jan 1996 - June 1997

One of America's major insurance and consumer finance providers. The group of companies specializes in property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance products for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

  • Developed and managed all internet projects for corporate site as well as individual insurance companies
  • Managed 6 individual servers and 8 websites of the company
  • Enabled intranet enrollment capabilities using ASP/Access and SQL Server
  • Created marketing materials for corporate meetings as a special project to the CEO.


Professional Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Communication 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Leadership 90%
  • 85% Complete
    Confidence 85%

Software Skills

  • 85% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop 85%
  • 90% Complete
    Adobe Dreamweaver 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Coda 90%

Code Skills

  • 90% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3 98%
  • 60% Complete
    Javascript 60%
  • 90% Complete
    PHP 90%
  • 90% Complete
    Schema Markup 80%
  • 90% Complete
    SEO Research Tools 90%



I am deeply interested in how technology is changing the face of education. As the mother of two smart kids with vastly different learning styles, I know that technology will soon transform the way kids learn. Technology has changed the way we do so many things, and yet education remains on the whole untouched. I leverage a number of technologies to help my kids navigate the educational system, but I am much more interested in leveraging their interests to make learning a life-long endeavor instead of something they've got to do for test scores or grades.


I am very committed to healthy lifestyle, and I pay a lot of attention to the science behind food-based medicine.

Internet Culture

I've been online since the mid 1990s. I knew as soon as I wrote my first HTML file that I would work in internet development. When I first started, Alta Vista was the search engine of choice. There was a lot of debate about portals. Along came Google with a clean search engine start page, and the search engine competition ended there. It became important


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“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

Napoleon Hill